Key to Success and Stages Starting a Small Business


Small businesses especially are almost no capital need perseverance, tremendous effort. Far above average businesses have a large capital. However, these efforts will not mean anything when you’re wrong mentor to fall everywhere to try without directing, can not make money and lead to despair.


Strategy plan success to start business

a. See, blackouts and Modifications

When creating a business model, look around and find a successful example of a business model that you want, and learn, observe, imitate and modifications. Keep in mind, all businesses must be a model that has never been there, if you can not find, whether you exceptional genius, or the business model you’re not going to succeed in the real world.

b. Search Partner for sharing risks

Even if the capital needs, try not to invest its own money. Since most business is a risky trip, especially since you do not understand well the risks that will be the case, then look for a partner. So, if everything does not go all the plans, you’re not going to go bankrupt because of start-up funds before, and did not pursue the debt.

c. Price Time, Convert to Money

Convert the time you spend on doing business with the money. Give a monetary value on your time, for example Rp20 thousand per hour. The goal is to help when you have to make decisions: for example, only a store charge Rp10 thousand for shipping every week, and it takes 2 hours to go to the store by yourself, then pay continues postage from the company, because it is cheaper. This is the basic principle of the respect of time.

d. Make the Most

Early stages of starting a business, you must be willing to work hard, long hours, forgetting personal gain and health. As a budding entrepreneur, you certainly will not be able to pay employees, even though employees were cheap. So, your employees, is your own. The company is me!

e. recruit Employees

If your business has started to walk, do a show of force alone. Begin to recruit good employees. To that end, do the recruitment process carefully, without haste. Find who have a passion in that field. Employees are the key to the future of your business. In their hands the vision, your mission will be realized.

f. Take advantage of the Latest Technology

Because you are based online, then use the latest technology. New technologies such as application and data storage with cloud technology is very cheap and make a small company can compete with larger companies. Allocate your time to learn some of the latest technological developments so that you can take advantage of the low cost of the technology on the market to support your efforts

g. Avoid a price war by selling excess

Avoid price wars, to sell the surplus, rather than price. When you start a business, naturally you frustrated market, considering the product or service is new and unknown. Avoid competing on price, you will be defeated by the incumbents. Selling the excess service or product, master the skills to communicate with customers, to explain that the higher the price of your product because it has a better value.

Do not be Afraid of Trying

Starting a business is not easy, a lot of obstacles that will challenge and you have to face. The key is to never give up, because in every challenge you have there will always be lessons that you can take. Not only that, every difficulty in each challenge will make you more resilient and persistent. So, do not be afraid to try!


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