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Should You Go to College in a Big City?

The big city can be fun, exciting, cultured and everything that you would hope for, but it can also be intimidating, draining and it can be tough to get ahead. Indeed, the city is a competitive place. Most major metropolitan cities have only so many jobs for all the demand, so you really have to fight to get your foot in the door. The truth is that not everyone is right for the big city. Of course, you could attend University of Southern California, which is located near Downtown Los Angeles, and then live in the suburbs, but you still have to think about commuting every single day. This can be a drag. Here are some things to ponder before applying to a college in the big city.


How Many Times Have You Been to the Big City?

This is an important question to ask yourself before deciding to apply to a college in a big city, because thrusting yourself into a big bustling metropolis can be quite stressful. Even if you were born in a big city, you may want to get out and head to a college in a small town.


Do You Have Good Navigational Skills?

Big city living requires excellent navigational skills. If you don’t want to be late everywhere, you’ll want to have an intuitive sense of where everything is. If you are terrible with navigation, you may want to think about sticking to a simpler life. However, you can always move to a big city and learn your way around. Sometimes it takes a little practice to develop this intuition.


Are You a Master at Social Interactions?

Big cities are full of people. Because of this, you will be around a lot of people – all the time. If you just aren’t used to this, or if being around a lot of people makes you feel anxious, a city may not be the best place for you. However, if you are a master at engaging with people – or if you simply love to be around people – you may thrive in a city that is bustling and always on the go.


Are Your Career Aspirations in the Big City?

If you want to enter a field that exists in a major metropolis, you may want to look for colleges in Boston, New York, Chicago or even Los Angeles. Many students make the mistake of attending a college in a small town and then move to a bigger town. However, this can be a shock to the senses, especially if the job market is too competitive. By already existing and thriving in a big town, it will be a lot easier to nail your dream job.


Do You Have the Budget to Live in the Big City?

On top of everything, a lot of cities are very expensive. Not only will tuition be expensive – so will overhead and more. If you don’t have a big budget to go to school, you may want to look for colleges in small towns. In the end, there are a lot of really great schools in more rural areas that are much more affordable.